Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Price and What are the Slip Fees?

The price is $699,000.  The slip fee $2,000/mo. You must be approved by the harbor masters to buy and use this boat in the harbor. For more information about this see Details and Price.

Is there a Finder's Fee?

Yes, we are offering a finder's fee of 1% of the gross purchase price. 

Does She Run?

She runs but is not currently being used for navigation. If you want to keep her in this slip and run her from this slip, the harbor masters require a professional or experienced captain to take her out and bring her in. 

Many people love the old technology and the historic feel of the engine room, but some people who buy tugs like this replace the engine and its ancillary equipment with a modern, much smaller, more powerful engine, making it operable by more pilots and crews, and freeing up a lot of room in the engine room for other uses. 

For more information about this, see Details and Price