Specs and Equipment:

Owatonna is 107' on deck, with a 26' beam. She displaces 350 tons, and drafts about 12 feet right now. She is an ice-class vessel with 7 fuel tanks that hold a total of 21,000-gallons of fuel.

The areas converted to living space amount to approximately 2000 square feet. This number does not include the engine room and ancillary mechanical areas (some of which some owners also convert), nor the outside spaces on deck which amount to about 1000 square feet of additional space.

The tug is equipped with a 1200 HP, 6-cylinder Cooper-Bessemer engine, about the size of a cargo van, that idles at 80 RPMs. When the engine is started the propeller is in motion.  She is a direct drive tug, no transmission: When you're ready to go in reverse, you shut down the main engine, shift gears, and restart the engine with compressed air created by the 371 GMC generators on board. Underway she does 7-12 knots.

The engine room also contains, to name a few items, a fire-suppression system, and a domestic furnace that runs on diesel from the belly tanks for central heating in all areas except the aft salon.

Aft of the engine room is a workshop with some of the original spare parts carefully preserved in their greased-filled, sealed packages, huge wrenches, bronze fire nozzles, blocks and tackle, some of the original DC lamps for navigation and other illumination, a workbench and tools, and an assortment of original electrical and mechanical devices from the 20th mid-century. At the stern end of the workshop is the 3,000-gallon water tank that we've never used; and under the fantail, a ballast tank. There is more below, but it's too much to enumerate, you'll just have to see it.

When some buy tugs like these, they repower with a much smaller, but more powerful and efficient engine, making it easier to operate and allowing the new owners to use the approximately 25' x 40' x 10' engine room in much more creative ways.

Domestic Equipment:

A KitchenAid side-by-side refrigerator freezer; a 6-burner Dynasty range; a smaller apartment sized refrigerator; an electric dishwasher; a clothes washer; a gas-fired dryer; and a propane-fired, on-demand hot water system.


The tug comes with a 12-foot fiberglass row/sailboat from Gig Harbor which can be lowered into the water by means of a motorized davit on the port side. 

Services and Slip Fees:

The slip fee is $3,000/month, which includes water, a parking space, but not electricity, which is billed through the Harbor. Waste is pumped out once per week by a local service. The boat is equipped with high speed internet. You also have the option of renting additional parking spaces.

Is Owatonna a Houseboat? Eligible for a Home Loan?

No. Owatonna is a boat. You’d have to seek funding from a marine lender, such as Customfin.com, maritimecapitalgroup.com, or private sources.

Driving the Tug:

Owatonna runs well but must be captained by an experienced pilot, by order of the Sausalito Yacht Harbor masters; however, they prefer that the tug not be used for pleasure boating.

Allowed Uses in Sausalito Yacht Harbor (SYH):

SYH prohibits retail uses of any kind, including Airbnb or similar arrangements.

Tenancy in Sausalito Yacht Harbor

No one has a long-term lease in SYH (as far as we know), but the Harbor has now instituted an official liveaboard status on a case-by-case basis, for which there is a surcharge of $500. If you do not plan to make the tug your primary home, that status is unnecessary.

The Harbor has long been a stable base for many big boats that have changed hands numerous times, and a significant portion of boat owners here spend a lot of time on their boats. Owatonna also has the advantage of being a perfect fit for her slip. Tugs are uniquely robust, capable of easily and peacefully resting in an end-tie barely wide enough. Our slip is not easily occupied by wider, or less hardy vessels. And of course, Owatonna is now an icon of Richardson Bay, and a boat beloved to Sausalito Yacht Harbor and the Sausalito community.

Credit is available from Customfin.com and maritimecapitalgroup.com.